Spotlight on Bear & Bird

Have you ever wondered about the story behind our brand's iconic Bear & Bird duo?

It's not as planned as you might think. In fact, it was a happy accident that came about when we were looking for a sugar-free freebie to include with our orders.

Drawing from our love for reading to our kids, we commissioned a New York-based author to write a short story. We gave her complete creative freedom, resulting in the creation of Bear & Bird.


Three Tales of Heartwarming Adventures!

Due to the overwhelming love for our little stories, we've expanded our collection to three tales! Depending on your order and the season, you'll receive a different story to cherish.

Our original tale is a heartwarming narrative inspired by our journey to launching our small business. The second story celebrates the joy of receiving gifts from distant family members, emphasizing the love behind every present. Lastly, our Christmas edition features Bear and Bird teaming up with Santa to save Christmas!