Video Gift Message

We love making gift-giving personal.
That's why we're excited to offer the option to add a personal video message along with your gift! 

What is a video gift message?
A video gift message is an alternative to a traditional gift card, only WAY cooler.

Why should I add a video gift message?
Children find it hard to connect the words being read from a card to the actual person, but show them a video and I bet you they stop to listen. Our video alternative is child-centered, bringing gift-giving to them in a way that they can understand. Fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with family.

Adding a video Message will make you feel more connected on special occasions. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

I’m in! So what next?
Awesome, good choice! 😉

If COVID has taught us one thing, it's how to use QR codes. So we are embracing our newfound knowledge of this technology.

It's super easy. Add a video gift message to your order at checkout and follow the prompts.

You will see a button that looks like this just below the white 'checkout' button:


Click on that button (at checkout) and then you'll see a popup that looks like this:


You will need to upload or record a video message using your phone or computer camera and submit. As easy as that!

Wait, what! I have to record my face! I’m not sure about that? 😲
Don’t be scared of it, it's fantastic. It's all about bringing as much joy as we can to the child, and I think you can agree that this matters the most. Plus, your loved little one loves your face, even on a bad hair day!

Let's wrap this up –
We always aim for an ‘oh wow’ moment when opening a parcel from The Kid Cave. So rest assured, we will make sure your gift looks fabulous. So when it arrives, smiles and squeals of joy are guaranteed.

We will muster up some magic and turn your video message into a QR code, which will be stuck to a Kid Cave video message card. All they will need on the other end is an adult with a phone to scan the QR code and they will be able to see your message.

We can't wait for you to try it!

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